Membership Details


If you are interested to join the Cargo&Carriers Network, download and complete this application form and send it by email to

Kindly attach with your application:
  • Your Company Brochures.
  • Copy of Company Registration stamped by the Registrar.
  • Most recent financial statements certified by a Chartered Accountant.
  • A letter of reference from your bank relevant to your corporate accounts.
  • Copy of Errors, Omissions, and Liability Insurance.
  • Your company billing address.

The above documents will help us better understand your Company, and expedite the process of your application. Please therefore include them with your application to avoid delay in processing.

No application will be considered if these documents are not received. Incomplete application forms will be rejected.

Once the application is processed, if your membership is approved, your company will be notified in writing and an invoice sent for the Annual Membership and Trust Fund Contribution fees. The membership won’t be effective until those payments are received.

Annual Membership fee


Membership fees are due immediately on receipt.

On receipt of payment of membership fees, the membership directory will be updated with your company information and your company will be granted access as user to Cargo&Carriers website/directory.

Please ensure that Cargo&Carriers application is signed by an authorized signing officer of your Company.