Full Charter Boeing 747-400F to Surabaya, Indonesia realized by member BLS Bremer Logistic

In addition to recently chartered Antonov and Ilyushin, BLS have been chosen by a well-known German manufacturer of machines for a full charter of a B747-400F to Surabaya. The transport was arranged ex works via Prague to CPT Surabaya. The scope of delivery consisted 11 packages with a total volume of 46.700,00 kgs and 205,00 cbm. Out of this, 6 packages needed to be positioned as centerload, secured by extensive lashings against 7g-forces (the 7-times gravitational force!). The largest box had dimensions of 500 x 260 x 284 cm. It goes without saying that BLS took this job personally and ensured a smooth operation by live attendance. Both, departure and arrival in Surabaya, effected in time and full satisfaction of our customer.