Teksan Logistics was featured on Wall Street Journal News

"Today's Top Supply Chain and Logistics News From WSJ The Arab states embargo on trade with Qatar is triggering a business boom for logistics companies in Turkey. Transport demand through the Turkish capital of Ankara is already soaring, and several Saudi Arabian companies are finalizing plans with Turkish logistics companies to ship cargoes through the country to Qatar. The blossoming trade is a vivid illustration of how business and profits are moving ahead, the WSJ's Yeliz Candemir writes, even as diplomatic relations in the region remain fractured. Teksan Lojistik, one of Turkey's largest logistics companies, says its orders have jumped 110% since the political crisis erupted on June 5. The company's big problem is capacity to haul the tonnage that prospective Saudi customers want to ship. Turkey says that 105 cargo planes have delivered goods to Qatar so far, a boon for the country as it looks for new trade opportunities amid deteriorating relations with European allies."