Saudi Companies Smuggle Goods to Qatar

Turkish businessmen revealed that there is an agreement with Saudi companies to circumvent the Gulf embargo and send goods to Qatar. The deal will generate profits for the Turks, especially as Saudi companies are close to completing their plans to transport cargo to Qatar, Wall Street Journal reported . "Teksan Lojistik", one of the largest logistics companies in Turkey, has increased its demand by 110% since the outbreak of the Gulf-Qatar political crisis on June 5, 2017. Sardar Aydin, "the company's general manager", said most of the customers who book the shipments are in fact Turkish company owners selling to Qatari companies, but he also negotiates with several major Saudi companies that have tried to respect their contracts with Qatari customers. But they were surprised to prevent the sale or transfer of goods to Qatar Due to the ban imposed by Riyadh on Doha.